Here's a question for Cleo. I understand why you want to use your egyptian gods for your phrases, like "Oh my Ra", but why do you use the names given to them by the greeks?

What do you mean “Why do I use the names given to them by the Greeks?”

Do you mean because I simply call him Ra, and not Amun-Ra or Ra-Horakhty?

Or do you mean that I use the newly evolved “Ra" as opposed to "Re" and therefore not "Amen-Re"?

Regardless, the  most common language you find around here is English, which just so happens to have developed from Latin and Greek, so have you ever thought that perhaps have simply had need to learn their names in English, along with the rest of the language?

- Cleo

Konichiwa, I am Miyuki I just transferred here to monster high and I am the daughter of a Yuki Onna. Also, this school seems to have another snow ghoul named Abbey do you know where she is right now?

Nice to meet you. You might want to think about actually making a blog though, Miyuki, instead of staying anonymous. You’re hardly going to get any recognition around here if you don’t step out of the shadows.

You can find Abbey here. I’ll warn you though, she isn’t exactly the easiest of ghouls to break the ice with.

All bow to your Fashion Queen~

- Cleo

What's your favorite video game(s)? Also, does Cleo play them because she doesn't seem like the ghoul to do so....

Dude, I have waay too many games to just pick one I like more than the rest, you know? Seems like every new game I get to play ends up being a favorite for a little while.

Cleo though… well she’s not much of a console gamer past the kind of VGs where she can just watch me play and choose where to go and what to do. To be honest, she’s a lot more in to iCoffin app games. Cleo’s actually pretty pro at Angry Monsters, and I don’t know a single ghoul with a better high score than her at Bejeweled.

- Deuce

I think this calls for a bit of a blog update, don’t you?

- C

Well now…

Isn’t that something nice to log in to?

- Cleo

#Taking everything you’ve never eaten before and sticking it in a bucket


Cleo? Do you have a pyramid? Together with your family? :0



It is of course the Royal abode of choice; much better than any castle or mansion.

- Cleo

Thank you all for coming, glad you could make it.

And now to start off the celebration, another present to Deuce (with just a little help from Viperine):


- Cleo

Remember everyone:

Now it may have been Deuce’s birthday 3 days ago, but what really can you do to celebrate on a school night?

Everyone meet in the Catacombs at 7 for the main celebration!

- Cleo